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Pigmentation of concrete

Beautifying naturally, Exposed concrete is one of the biggest technical challenges in building and an exacting architectural element.

Nuances of colors may unfortunately appear on the entire structure. These may be due to changing weather conditions during construction, old or poorly stored formwork panels, or a poor water/cement mixing ratio.

Restoring colors

We therefore make every effort to find the appropriate shade to correct these nuances without altering the concrete and provide an unparalleled homogenization.

Bovernier train station (VS) – Novalla P50 mineral pigmentation

Coloring concrete

Contrary to popular belief, concrete can offer a range of shades and hues of gray. Colorization with a choice of color (RAL and NCS color chart) can also be implemented.

“Concerned about ecology and the environment, we mainly use certified naturalplus natural pigments.”

We offer several choices of texture finishes ranging from matte to satin. Exclusively mineral and specially formulated for concrete, our pigmentation solutions preserve the effects of time for long-lasting durability.

Vaudoise Arena (VD) – Mineral pigmentation of the Novalla P100 support


We are therefore able to provide samples of various shades of grey, complete color correction, as well as different degrees of pigmentation opacity.

Les Tonkins at Bouveret (VD) – Samples



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