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Concrete protection

Moisture is the biggest enemy of mineral-based constructions. Indeed, the penetration of water into the porous structures of concrete surfaces causes numerous degradations such as corrosion of steel reinforcements (rust) and cracking due to freezing.

Ainsi, en évitant la pénétration de l’eau, (efflorescences, traînées de calcaire) la probabilité d’un dommage est nettement réduite.

Thus, by preventing water penetration (efflorescence, limestone streaks), the probability of damage is significantly reduced.

That’s why we offer a range of effective treatments to protect your surfaces while allowing them to breathe thanks to silane technology, without trapping moisture inside.

Cleaning of elements & surface preparation

Raw concrete often appears dirty, covered with imperfections and requiring proper and delicate care and cleaning.

“We then take care of making these surfaces clean and ready for the application of a protective treatment.”

We prepare your surfaces such as concrete, metal, wood and stone in a completely transparent way without altering the color or appearance of the surface.

Concrete treatment specialist at Novalla

Hydrophobic treatment

Our hydrophobic treatment allows your structure to breathe while significantly reducing the impact of trapped moisture inside. Its action consists of penetrating deeply into the concrete to provide essential protection.

This treatment is highly recommended for exterior surfaces when they are exposed to high humidity and water.


Our hydrophobic and oleophobic treatment provides surface protection against splashes, oil stains, and dust thanks to the use of nano-fluid technology, while giving it a beading effect (similar to a duck feather).

  • This treatment is highly recommended for interior and exterior surfaces, as well as all types of floors for easy cleaning.
  • Without it, your surfaces would be exposed to mold, potential water stains, and moss growth.

Of course, it is also possible to combine treatments to offer your surfaces maximum protection and durability.

The appearance of the surface remains natural and will not be altered, unlike a traditional glaze that would leave behind an acrylic layer that tends to flake off and alter the support.

Water beading effect



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