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Sawmill Garden, Courroux (JU)

The “Sawmill Garden” complex consists of two buildings with 41 apartments located on the grounds of the former sawmill at the exit of the village of Courroux, towards Vicques.

Our team has set the goal of treating and standardizing the concrete surfaces to correct imperfections without altering its natural appearance and preserving its wood-like effect. Thanks to our expertise, the use of multiple pigment colors and opacity adjustments has been skillfully applied to achieve an attractive surface.

An innovative and modern project

Project owner

Architects & Project Management

2022 – 2023

Novalla projet centre sportifs Malley

Our expertise

  • + 2′500 m² Concrete Cleaning & Protection
  • + 300 hours Concrete Cosmetics
Novalla projet centre sportifs Malley


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