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Raiffeisen Bank, Assens (VD)

The new headquarters of Banque Raiffeisen in Assens is located in a prominent position in the center of the village. Its design is based on the traditional architecture of the Vaud village, which makes it easily recognizable.

Front of the facade – Novalla A100 anti-graffiti protection

In architecture, the facade of a building is its public face. The combination of sandblasted exposed concrete and wooden structures can create a stunning and durable facade that stands the test of time. Novalla SA has been commissioned to protect these elements from weathering and graffiti.

In the center of the Vaud village

Project owner
Raiffeissen Bank

RBCH architectes

2022 – 2023

Novalla projet centre sportifs Malley

Back of the building

Our expertise

  • + 400 m2 anti-graffiti protection
  • + 600 m2 concrete protection
  • + 900 hours of concrete cosmetic treatment

The interior walls of the sandblasted concrete staircase cage have a beautiful appearance with the combination of solid wood elements. To preserve the walls and ensure its longevity, it is essential to apply an oleophobic protective coating Novalla I50. This solution offers multiple benefits, including resistance to water, oil, and other staining agents, which also helps preserve the cosmetic treatment of the concrete that had to be used to correct imperfections and redraw each of the famous small stones.

Novalla projet centre sportifs Malley

Staircase – Spot treatment in concrete cosmetic



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