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Durafourg Housing, Lausanne (VD)

A new residential building has emerged in the industrial neighborhood of Sébeillon. The exterior of the brick building reflects the area’s former industrial purpose while highlighting its urban character from the street.

Seen from the front of the facade – Novalla A100 anti-graffiti protection.

Brick facades of buildings provide character and charm to urban landscapes. However, they are also susceptible to damage from graffiti. To preserve the facade, our Novalla A100 (anti-graffiti) product has been applied. This coating acts as a barrier between the surface and graffiti, making it easier to remove unwanted marks.

In the heart of the Sébeillon neighborhood

PFR architectes SA

Construction management
Santacroce Consulting GmbH


Novalla projet centre sportifs Malley

Staircase – Concrete cosmetic treatment

Our expertise

  • + 1’200 m2 of anti-graffiti protection & concrete protection
  • + 100 hours of concrete cosmetic treatment

Exposed concrete staircases are a modern and stylish design element that can add a touch of industrial charm to any space. This type of staircase is typically made of raw concrete, which is left exposed. Novalla SA was able to create a unique and bold aesthetic in its simplicity, while also protecting it from dirt and enhancing its appearance with its expertise in concrete cosmetic treatment.

Novalla projet centre sportifs Malley

Staircase – Wall protection (Novalla I50) + Floor protection (Novalla SM100)



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