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Concrete Cosmetics

Surface finishing repairs require various skills in masonry, painting, decoration, and the imitation of materials

Exposed concrete is a popular choice in modern architecture. The demands of the project owners and architects combine technical and aesthetic requirements, and must be adapted to the nature of the object, taking into account the particular conditions of the site.

Gravel nests

When concrete is not mixed properly or has not been sufficiently compacted, gravel nests may appear, especially in the lower part of concrete elements.

They are identifiable by their texture and shade. Indeed, the area with gravel nests is darker and may even have real cavities. They do not have a significant impact on the structure of the building, but they can disturb its visual unity.

Example of repair work on a slab edge before/after


Many defects can appear on the edges of concrete structures, mainly due to the flow of materials.

“A porous surface can result from a lack of sealing or rigidity and can lead to losses of milk which will darken the edges in places.”

Also, if the formwork is not well fixed and moves during the concrete casting or compaction phase, the concrete near the edge of the angle may stick to the formwork and detach from the wall, and gravel nests may also form.

Example of corner works before/after

Distance spacers holes

After removing the formwork, the distance spacer holes may suffer some damage such as gravel nests or the appearance of discolored halos.

    Example of work on the distance spacer holes and the wall in general before/after

    Retracing the formwork lines

    Improperly cut or overly absorbent formwork, non-sealed formwork joints, inadequately placed sealing strips, or imprecise assembly can lead to unsightly formwork lines and significantly affect the quality of the concrete.

    Example of work before/after retracing the formwork lines

    Burs / Limestone

    Non-sealed joints and water runs are responsible for concrete washout, limestone streaks, and the formation of stalactites (on the underside of the slab).

    Example of work before/after on limestone


    When creating a structure, various technical defects may appear, and we therefore make every effort to correct them.

    “With our know-how, we can correct all kinds of defects on any type of concrete without altering the support.”

    Our reshaping techniques vary to adapt to the construction. We can intervene with coarse to fine dressing, resulting in an ultra-smooth finish.

    Example of work before/after on a technical defect



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